History of Pathan In Islam

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Pathan Or Pashtun Is A Country That Is Considered To Act As An Illustration Of Fortitude And Courage All Through The World. History Is Observer That They Are Neither Scared Of Any Lord Nor Dread Of A Savage Ruler. Greeks, Iranians And Numerous Countries Of History Attempted To Quell The Pathans, However They Generally Fizzled.

At The Point When Alexander The Incomparable, Who Vanquished Around 50% Of The World, Entered Afghanistan, The Pathans Squashed The World’s Most Coordinated Armed Force And Lord Alexander And Needed To Get Back To Macedonia. Is.

History of Pathan In Islam

An Illustration Of History of Pathan Valiance Is The Conflicts Of The Nineteenth 100 Years. In Which The Soviet Association Needed To Stoop Before The Pathans. A New Model Is The New Loss Of The US Armed Force. In Which The Super Force Of The World Was Stifled By These Pathans Such That Will Continuously Be Recollected Ever.

All Things Considered, Who Is This History of Pathan? What Breed Do They Have A Place With? Are The Pathans Relatives Of A Prophet? What Compels Them So Courageous And Strong? What Is The Intriguing History Behind This Multitude Of Inquiries? There Are Three Unique Hypotheses About The Set Of Experiences And Race Of The Pathans.

Early Pathan Influences

Some Say That The Pathans Have A Place With The Aryan Race. From Certain Perspectives, They Are The Relatives Of An Individual Named Qais Abdul Rasheed. Who Was A Sidekick Of The Heavenly Prophet. Furthermore, The Third Hypothesis, Which The Actual History of Pathans Concede, Is That The Pathan Country Is Connected With The Lost Clans Of The Israelites.

We Will Investigate This Large Number Of Speculations In This Video. As Per The Practices Of The Pathans, Qais Abdul Rasheed, Moniker History of Pathan, Is The Beneficiary Of The Pathan Country. Consequently, When Qays Arrived At Madinah With Individuals Of His Kin And Showed Up In The Court Of The Blessed Prophet,

Pathans Embrace Islam

The Prophet Showed Empathy To This Gathering And Asked Every One His Name, Then The Sacred Prophet Said That Qays Is A Jewish Name. So He Transformed It To Abdul Rasheed. Hazrat Qais And Individuals Of His Clan Acknowledged Islam. Furthermore, Consequently He Got The Distinction Of Being The Primary Pashtun Sahabi.

As Per Pashtun Customs, During A Mission, When The Polytheists Started To Fall Vigorously On The Islamic Armed Force, The Sacred Prophet (Harmony And Endowments Of Allah Arrive) Requested Hazrat Khalid To Proceed To Call His Pathan Siblings For Help,

Pathans in Islamic Conquests

So Hazrat Khalid Went To Afghanistan And The Afghan Clan Leader Qais Abdul Rashid. Gave A Message To The Prophet. So All The Pathan Tribes Headed Towards Makkah Under The Administration Of Qais Abd Al-Rashid. On Arriving At Makkah, He Faced A Horrendous Conflict.

At Night, The Colleagues Let The Heavenly Prophet Know That The Afghan Armed Force Had Crushed The Polytheists And We Had Won. That Allah Will Flourish His Family And Youngsters, His Clan Will Be The Most Various And Strong.

Prominent Pathan Muslim Leaders

Overflow And Strength Will Have A Similar Status As The Wood In The Lower Part Of A Boat Or A Boat, On Which The Structure Of The Boat Is Fabricated. Remain Firm On The Sharia Of Islam With Harmony And Confidence Until The Day Of Restoration.

At The Hour Of His Takeoff, In Line With Hazrat Khalid, An Ansari Buddy Was Joined By Qay Abdul Rasheed. With The Goal That He Can Instruct Shariat To Individuals In Kohistan And Ghor Regions. Nimatullah Hervi’s Book Muzaan Afghani Is A Renowned Book Composed On The Historical Backdrop Of Qais Clan.

Pathan Contributions to Islamic Culture

It Is Recorded That Qais Abd Al-Rashid Changed Over Completely To Islam Because Of Hazrat Khalid Container Waleed. Furthermore, Qais Had Likewise Hitched A Little Girl Of Hazrat Khalid. Which Brought Forth Fastens And Contemplations.

What’s More, His Relatives Came To Be Known As Pathans. Nimatullah Hervi Composed That This News Isn’t Affirmed By Hadith Books. Yet, Other Verifiable Practices Demonstrate That A Designation From Sindh And Afghanistan Came To Medina And Acknowledged Islam.

Pathan Dynasties and Rulers

One More Hypothesis About The Pathan Country Is That The Pathan Is A Jewish Race. Afghan History Specialists And Numerous Jewish Antiquarians Partner The Pathan Country With The Jewish Clan Of BC, That Is To Say, The Twelve Clans Of Bani Israel Who Lived In The Place That Is Known For Palestine,

Really Hazrat Yaqoob. The Title Of Prophet (Harmony Arrive) Was Israel, So His Relatives Are Called Bani Israel. From The Twelve Children Of Hazrat Yaqub, The Twelve Clans Of Bani Israel Were Established, In Which Al-Judas, Al-Lavi And Al-Reuben Were Regarded Clans. God Sent Hazrat Dawud And Sulaiman (Harmony Arrive) To The Jews. Who Was Given Both The Book And The Realm.

Pathan Influence on Islamic Art and Architecture

Until The Hour Of Hazrat Sulaiman, These Twelve Clans, The Israelites By And Large, Were Major Areas Of Strength For A Strong Country. Whose Capital Was The City Of Jerusalem. Yet, After The Demise Of Hazrat Solomon, When His Child Rahbam Rose The Privileged Position, The Ten Clans Of Israel Wouldn’t Remember Him As Lord,

History of Pathan In Islam
History of Pathan In Islam

Accordingly The Israelites Separated Into Two States, However In Eastern Palestine, The Ten Defiant Clans Of The Israelites Governed The Realm Of Israel. Established And Two Clans Of Bani Israel In Western Palestine, For Example Bani Levi And Bani Yehuda,

Pathan Role in Islamic Education

Were Subject To The Authority Of Rebham, Which Is Known As The Realm Of Judah. Gave Now Just The Realm Of Judah Stayed In Western Palestine. Also, The Israelites Settled There Became Known As The Jewish Country. The Greater Part Of The Leftover Ten Clans Of Israel Were Killed. While Certain Clans Moved From That Point And Got Comfortable Various Regions Of The Planet.

Who Turned Into The Lost Clan Of Bani Israel It Is Called Syria. These Were The Crowds That Isolated From Their Gathering And Got Sidetracked. As A Matter Of Fact, It Is Challenging To Sum Up The Long History, Yet I Want To Believe That You Comprehend The Occasions Well.

Pathan Traditions and Customs in Islam

As Indicated By Jewish Analysts, When The Realm Of Israel Was Annihilated, Those Lost Clans Of Bani Israel Took Off. They Got Comfortable The Mountains Of Ghor Close To Iran And Afterward Spread To Different Locales. For Many Years, These Individuals Lived Here And Steadily Failed To Remember The Lessons Of The Mosaic Regulation And The Torah. In Any Case,

He Recollected His Family Genealogy And Ancestry. Also, Joined Himself To The Glad Country Of Bani Israel And The Jewish Race. The Actual Pathans Guarantee That Their Progenitors Are Connected With The Old Jews. While The Late Zahir Shah,

Pathan Sufi Saints and Scholars

The Last Lord Of Afghanistan, Himself Used To Concede That He Had A Place With The Clan Of Bani Yamin Of Bani Israel. Furthermore, He Is One Of The Lost Ones Of The Israelites. Who Were Isolated From Their Crowds Because Of Bakht Nasr’s Assault.

Pathan Is The Main Country On The Planet That Has No Religion Other Than Islam. On The Off Chance That A Pathan Is Found Out If He Is A Muslim First Or A Pakhtun, The Response Will Be That I Have Been A Pathan For 5,000 Years And A Muslim For Fourteen Hundred Years.

Full History of Pathan In Islam

Ehsanullah Abbasi Wrote In His Set Of Experiences Of Islam That The Jews Of Madinah Lived In Equivalent Correspondence With These Afghans And When Those Individuals Became Muslims In Madinah, They Sent One Of Their Kin Here To Welcome Islam. Looking At This Logically, The Vast Majority Of The Pathans Are Likewise Very Like The Jews.

For Instance, Ethnically, The Two Of Them View Themselves As The Best Country On The Planet. The Two Of Them Are Strictly Severe. What’s More, Both Wear A Cap Or A Turban. Aside From This, A Significant Number Of Their Traditions And Propensities Are Found In Like Manner.

Real History of Pathan In Islam

English And Numerous Specialists Of The Subcontinent Have Composed Reports And Books About The Pathans. At The Point When A Specialist From The Subcontinent Broke Down The DNA Tests Of A Pashtun Pathan, Particularly His Chromosome, It Was 95% Coordinate With Jews Living In The West.

Which Makes This Hypothesis More Last Areas Of Strength For And. The Request Of The Prophet (Harmony And Endowments Of Allah Arrive) Was The Justification For Why The Soul Of The Pathans To Battle In The Method Of Allah Stays Till Today And This Country Is Prepared Amazing The Joy Of Allah And The Shariat In The Fights Battled Even Sooner Rather Than Later.

History of Pathan

Pathans Will Assume A Significant Part. As Indicated By The Prophet’s Predictions, This Military Will Be The One That Will Emerge To Help Imam Mahdi. They Will Try And Proceed To Set Up Their Banners In Elijah, The Heavenly City. Furthermore, Along With Imam Mahdi, They Will Battle Against Christ The Dajjal. Today,

Pathans Are Pleased To Call Themselves Of Jewish Drop And Each Pathan Is Glad To Be Of Jewish Plunge, Since They Put Stock In The Prophet (Harmony And Endowments Of Allah Arrive) In Spite Of Being Of Jewish Plummet.

Pathan Full History

It Is An Indication Of Significance That They Affirmed The Genuine Prophet Referenced In The Torah And The Gospel, While The Jews Living In Arabia Denied The Last Prophet And Had Confidence In Him Not Just On The Premise That The Sacred Prophet Was Not From The Bani Israel. Rather,

He Was From Bani Ismail. What’s More, In This Way Those Jews Were Steered Off Course And Embarrassed By Racial Bias And Desire.

Without A Doubt, Race, Variety And Language Are A Wellspring Of Pride For An Individual Just When He Is On The Straight Way. Furthermore, Trust In The Genuine God And The Genuine Prophet.

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